Promoting Racism - Today.


Tired of discrimination?

Tired of being ignored?

Tired of the fight?

You're not alone.

Millions of whites are tired of being the industrially dominant race on the planet. How have we ended up like this?! What are the other races playing at??

It's political correctness gone mad!!

Tired of being.... “in power” and... “wealthy”.

Fed up with.... “no harassment” and.... “walking into a job”.

Globally, around ONE IN FIVE people are white.

That's right, 20%. Clearly this is a minority group, and our struggle needs to be recognised and documented. It's not easy walking down the street without heckles, it's not easy avoiding abuse and discrimination. We want our share and we want it now. Yet all too often we're ignored.


Because we look the same?

Because we burn easily?

White people are all different and only by welcoming us into your society will you see that we're the same as you are (unless dancing).

As a minority group, it's time you took our feelings into account. Or we'll tell the police you're racist and they'll fine you.

Remember. You have to find us funny too. Or you're racist for that.

Donate to The White Panthers now and together, we'll put a start to it:

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PS We don't get offended by words with "white" in them either.

PPS We also tried to set up a caste system like India but hey, that didn't work.